8.1 NX AI Manager Manual Installation

This page describes how to install the NX AI Manager manually if automatic installations do not work or customisation is desired

The NX AI Plugin will automatically detect if the NX AI Manager is installed, and install it in the plugin folder. The installation will detect some features of the device and select the appropriate settings for installation. This should be sufficient for most users and devices, however it could be the case that some customisation is desired, or that the automatic installation did not go well. In that case, you can manually install the NX AI Manager.

To manually install the NX AI Manager on your device, execute the following command:

sudo bash -ic "$(wget -q -O - https://get.sclbl.net)" --package v4-0 --installpath /opt/networkoptix-metavms/mediaserver/bin/plugins/nxai_plugin/

The install path can be customised for testing purposes and manually started to see output. However, the NX AI Plugin expects the NX AI Manager to be installed in the same folder, and the Stop/Start commands from the NX AI Plugin UI will not work if the NX AI Manager is installed somewhere else.

Finally, give read, write and execute permissions to the newly installed folder. This will allow the NX AI Plugin to create the files it needs, and start/stop the NX AI Manager runtime.

sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/networkoptix-metavms/mediaserver/bin/plugins/nxai_plugin

It might be necessary to restart the Nx Mediaserver to finish initialising the Nx installation:

sudo systemctl restart networkoptix-metavms-mediaserver.service

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