Deployment and device management

How do we use the platform for model deployment.

The Nx AI Cloud platform allows you to (mass) deploy models to target devices. Effectively, you can "swap" the models that run on a device (configured using the AI manager) remotely and change the device configuration. The latter you can do at a large scale: you can deploy models to all the devices on a server.

An overview of your systems and devices

The SYSTEMS tab on the Nx AI Cloud platform shows all systems registered to your cloud account.

If the system is on-online the name of the system and the Details button are available.

If the system is off-line you cannot continue until the system comes on-line.

Overview of a single system

If you select an on-line system you are directed to the system page.

The page shows the servers in the system and lists all the devices and their groups.

The same page when the system is off-line. You cannot do anything now.

AI model deployment and management

You can assign or replace a model on a single server or you can select multiple servers and assign a single model to all the selected servers.

Assign or replace a model on a single server

To assign or replace a model on a single server you need to click on the 'Details' button on the system page. You will be directed to the server page.

To assign an additional model to the server you can press 'Assign a new model' or the 'add' button. To replace a model press the button with the left-right arrow in it.

You will be directed to the 'Models listing'.

On the top you get a new navigation bar that shows you are currently in assigning mode. You can use that to go back to the models listing page, back to the server or cancel the whole assignment process.

Once you have found the model you want to assign or replace use the button 'Use this model'.

Now, one of two things could have happened.

One. You get a pop-up where you need to confirm your credentials. This is normal when you want to change some things in an Nx system and have logged in a while ago.

You need to enter your credentials. When that is done, the pop-up is closed and you need to press the button 'Use this model' again. You are then redirected back to the server page.

Two. You do not have to re-authenticate yourself and are redirected back to the server page directly.

Assign a single model to all the selected servers

To start you need to be on the system page, which shows you all the servers and all devices in the system.

Just below the 'Servers' header on this page there is a link called 'here' which starts the process of selecting server to assign a model to.

Once pressed, a new column with checkboxes will be added to the servers and you can use them to select the servers you want to assign a new model to.

If you select one or more servers the 'Assign a new model' will activate. Pressing this button will start the model assignment just like updating a model for a single server.

Note: assigning a model to multiple servers will always remove all other models and replace them with the new model you selected.

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