5. Manual Plugin Installation

This page describes how to manually install the plugin if automatic installations do not work

The plugin can be downloaded from the following link for x86 devices:

Or ARM64 devices:

Once downloaded, copy the plugin file to the appropriate Nx Meta plugins folder.


The folder and the plugin file should be named in this exact way. Rename the plugin file if necessary.

Make sure to give read and write permissions to the created directory so that the NX AI Plugin can create the files it needs by running:

sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/networkoptix-metavms/mediaserver/bin/plugins/nxai_plugin

Once installed, the NX Meta Server must be restarted before the plugin is detected. This can be done through the NX Meta Server web interface (server IP address, port :7001):

... or through the command line interface using:

systemctl restart networkoptix-metavms-mediaserver.service

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