System checks

Things to check on the system if everything is running correctly, and how to check it.

Is Nx Meta version 6.0 or later installed

You need Nx Meta 6.0 or later for the Nx AI Manager plugin. Follow the instructions to see 1. Install Network Optix. You need both the client and server programs, but the server can be installed on another machine than the client. Typically the server is a computer connected to some cameras over the network, and the client can be installed on your local workstation or laptop.

Is the storage full

Can you store data or is the system low on resources. If the system has no space left the Nx AI Manager will not work correctly.

Is the camera working

Do you see images in the camera preview window?If not, check the camera control app that came with the camera if that does show images.

  • If the camera is not working there, you need to fix the camera input first before trying any next steps.

  • If the camera is working but not visible in Nx Meta, please try to fix the camera display in Nx Meta first before trying any next steps.

Are the necessary drivers installed

NVIDIA Orin accelerated

If you're running on NVIDIA Orin - is a current version of NVIDIA Jetpack installed?

Hailo Accelerated Devices

In order for the runtime using Hailo accelerators to work, the correct Hailo Runtime (hailort) needs to be installed. Currently, the Nx AI Runtime supports Hailo driver version 4.17.0. Ensure that the correct runtime is installed.

Is the system registered to a cloud user

If the plugin is detected and you are greeted with this message:

It is most likely that your system is not connected to a cloud account. If you do not have an Nx Cloud account yet, follow the steps at 1. Install Network Optix . The plugin requires a system to be connected to the cloud account to work.To add your system to your cloud account, right click on your system in the left-hand pane and select the Cloud tab:​​​

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